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This Is How I Do Self Care

Everyone has some sort of way they do self care. Often times we don't think about the practical ways that we do self care until we examine our rituals and habits. I sat down and thought about 5 ways I do self care and my hope is that you might be inspired to identify your own self care practices. 

1. Spending Time Alone Shopping. 

One word: TARGET. I love Target. I love the smell as soon as you walk into target! FRESH POPCORN and COFFEE. Anyone that knows me knows I love long walks down every aisle of target. I feel a comfort when I go to target or any of my favorite stores, it’s a time for me to just enjoy being by myself. I love wandering and dreaming of projects I can do around the house. I make my way from the entrance to the dollar section where I find all the good stuff. You know what I'm talking about. The stuff that’s one to three dollars max! It’s where you can treat yourself but not spend more than $5. From there I go and smell all the candles and roam the home section. I even go to every end cap for the CLEARANCE sections. I love to buy small things for myself because I like to feel a sense of ownership. It’s nice to pick something out that the decision was made by me for me. It’s important to do those kinds of things. 

2. Talk To Myself.

If we are being honest with ourselves everyone talks to themselves. I mean come on if you DON'T then you're weird. As many of you know I have anxiety and I battle it daily! As a way to overcome it I talk myself down when I get worked up over silly things. I tell myself it will all be okay, it will work out. My favorite saying to tell myself is "what people do or what the situation is it is powerless without our reaction". Let me just tell you that it works because when I'm worked up in a frenzy I need someone to tell myself "no it’s going to be okay” and "not today Satan" if I’m feeling exceptionally spiritual that day. What I do when I talk to myself out loud is I'm telling myself the truth. Sometimes you have to tell the truth and shame the devil even if those devils are your own! 

3. Treat Myself To Ice Cream. 

I have been focusing on becoming healthy and making healthy habits a lifestyle. I started doing this on this lifestyle change and I have lost 25 lbs since March! Honestly it feels good even typing that. Since working out I have loved who I am becoming and love who I am starting to see in the mirror. I can be honest and say that when I get stressed or down on myself I start to beat myself up. This is all normal. You have to give yourself some slack. You are human. If you didn't “fall off the wagon” here and there you wouldn't be human! I give myself slack by treating myself to a small Vanilla and chocolate twist ice cream cone dipped in rainbow sprinkles. When I do this I’m reminding myself it’s ok to have something I really enjoy because life is more than a regiment. You can treat yourself and not give up on your healthy lifestyle because that treat is healthy for your emotional well being.

4. Bedtime Ritual 

I have a bedtime ritual. I sound like an old lady here and maybe I am an old lady at heart. If I don't stick to it then I don't sleep well at night. Seriously, I'm not kidding. Im usually in my pajamas at about 9:30PM and then I sit and watch TV with my husband util about 10PM. I get up and fill my water bottle and set it on the stairs while I go in the bathroom brush my teeth and take off my makeup. Then I kiss my dog Henry goodnight, and kiss my husband goodnight and then go upstairs. When I get upstairs I turn on the lamp, put my water bottle on my night stand, and plug my phone in. Here is what determines if I will sleep at night or not: I have to pull the sheets back and have the bed become cold. Side note: I'm not kidding when I say that I won't sleep at night if my bed is not cool. Even if my husband lays on my side of the bed before bed and it’s warm I won't be able to sleep. Then I get in bed and check social media for a few minutes and I roll over to my left side turn of the lamp and go to sleep. I think that having a bedtime ritual is important. Think about it for a minute, babies need bedtime rituals to sleep better wouldn't it be the same for adults? It is healthy and good to have a process to intentionally wind down from a long day so the mind is clear to rest. You need to have a good night’s sleep to have mental clarity.

5. Do Nothing.

Thats right. I do nothing. I lay in bed after a long day at work and I do nothing. I lay there and think about my day, talk to God, scroll social media, and just relax. It’s healthy to just do nothing for a few minutes. I take this time to pray and thank God for my day and thank him for all that he has done in our lives. I relax with my dog who is always lounging at the end of the bed. He chews his toy and I do something for myself. If you don't know I'm a Disney addict. I love going to Disney, wearing Disney clothes, talking about Disney, dreaming of Disney and even looking at pictures of Disney. I have my own Disney Instagram (@minniemouselover94) and I go on there and post my Disney trip pictures and scroll pages and enter giveaways and just day dream of going back there one day soon! I make sure to also have a small game to play just in case I need mindless fun. All of this is relaxing to me because it takes my mind off the everyday things that I can get to later. It slows the day down a little bit. Part of self care is knowing that not everything is an immediate problem to solve or deal with. Sometimes it is good to simply “be”. 

This is how I do self care. How do you do self care?

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Allie P.